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The Liero Community Service is owned and produced by Erik Lindroos and Johan Wiklund. The product "Liero Community Service" (ComSer) was originally developed by Nat Allan and Johan Wiklund for the benefit of the Liero fans that visit Liero sites on the web. The technical and graphical solutions in the product may not be reproduced in such a way that it competes with Liero Community Service in any way, unless an agreement has been met between owner and the producer (Johan Wiklund and Erik Lindroos).


The "Liero Community Service" will not be held responsible for any personal damage on the user what so ever. The ComSer is not a commercial product and does not demand any payment or registration from the user.

ComSer is completely non-profit and will not pay any money to anyone, ever, no matter what.


If violations of the above stated is discovered, administrators will enjoy the pleasure of taking appropriate actions againt the violating person, company or group.

Date of creation

The idea of ComSer was concieved in 2001 and the original code was written during 2001-2004. Code rewritten for PHP in 2004 by Erik Lindroos.


To contact the owners (Gliptic or Wei-Zhi-Hui) Visit the IRC channel #liero @ or you can contact through the ComSer Forum.


Main ComSer code: Gliptic
Projects and development: Wei-Zhi-Hui
ComSer graphics: Wei-Zhi-Hui, darka and patrys
Technical support: Gliptic
Browser icon: darka
Forum admins: Wei-Zhi-Hui, Gliptic
Website Designer/Developer: Jonny