ComSer Swirl

Liero Community Service

Welcome to the new ComSer site. Ever since 2001 the Liero Community Service has been supplying up-to-date news and polls to the Liero community. ComSer now also distributes news on clones of Liero including LieroX and Gusanos. Why dont you add ComSer to your site?

ComSer Poll

The Liero ComSer poll (shown to the right) delivers news and polls to the Liero Community. The ComSer Poll was designed for the sole purpose of combining interaction, information and communication into one single unit that is delivered straight to the user, on a constant basis. A passive but yet active tool to quickly bring out messages to all Liero fans all over the world. The new ComSer poll (codename: "ComSer ][") is written in PHP instead of Perl which it was previously written in. If you would like to add the ComSer Poll to your site, please visit the "Add ComSer" page.

ComSer Wiki

The ComSer Liero Wiki is a record of all Liero information past and present. A Wiki a piece of server software that allows users to freely create and edit Web page content using any Web browser. The Liero Wiki is maintained and updated by community members AK47 and Wei-Zhi-Hui. The Wiki was created inform people that were interested in Liero or Liero's past, and was also created to make sure that no Liero information was never forgotten. To view the wiki, click on the Liero Wiki link under the "Services" sub-menu in the navigation. (to the left)

ComSer Forum

The ComSer Forum is what links the services together. The forum is where ComSer services or even Liero related happenings can be discussed. The ComSer poll gets its news straight from the forum, which allows users to comment on the news that ComSer distributes. Also, the Gusanos Site now gets its news from the ComSer forum, where its forums are based.