ComSer Swirl

The beginnning

TS ComSer ComSer was a vision that was concieved in the spring of 2001 by ulv/Ulvhockey (now known as Wei-Zhi-Hui). Terror Sabbath had run a Liero Poll since December 2000, and had used HTMLgear poll of the Lycos network and its poll archive was screenshots of the poll. Its advantage was that by pasting the code on many of the greatest Liero sites, it could reach far greater crowds than the Terror Sabbath site alone. But the poll was bulky with restrictions on design. It was hosted by a great deal of sites, although it would always look the same no matter the hosting sites design. Archiving a poll required time and effort. Ulvhockey tired of this and the pain of thinking of new poll question for a less interested Liero community. By the time the old "Liero Poll" was dying, ulv formed an idea, a vision!


ComSer was first incepted as being a replacment for the liero poll on Terror Sabbath. It was to be a simple poll and news reporter, with comments for each poll item. The polls would be automatically archived just by adding a new poll question. The automated system would ease the load on the poll manager.

Though its original intention was to be a poll only on Terror Sabbath's website, Durandal saw the possibilty of the poll being avaliable any Liero website, therefore making the Terror Sabbath poll truly the Liero poll successor. Having the poll avaliable on many Liero sites would allow the poll to reach out to the greater crowds and now being able to look like the hosting sites in design and style, thus also increasing poll resolution.

Shaping and working on ComSer

ComSer News? Durandal and ulv then came up with the idea of the poll also having fresh liero news on it, so all websites could have the latest Liero news all the time. The idea was quickly validated and ComSer was born. The poll/news hybrid was decided to be a Community Service more than a Terror Sabbath only device, so it was decided to be one of Terror Sabbath 'Community Services' - hence shortend to 'ComSer'.

After some short planning sometime in 2001, Durandal began writing the code required for ComSer. After some time and various ComSer User Interface designs (7 in total) the ComSer Interfaces were deemed too unstable in some browsers due to their javascript. The original ComSer site can be found Here. Due to public resistance to using IFrames for ComSer and a solution being created using javascrip insertion methods instead, and the inherent complexities of printing javascript-eabled DHTML code through perl, the original chosen interface (Shown left) was canned and the ComSer project lapsed into inactivity. The original ComSer release source code is now lost in the void of time.

Enduring hard times and resurfacing even more elegant

A while later, ComSer was partially recoded to enable this new insertion method but failed to get of the ground due to many reasons. The project was put on hold indefinatly in favour of other projects that had received more public attention until a better time. Old Comser Site

The project resurfaces in 2002, when Durandal returned after spending more time coding Perl scripts for various projects. Durandal and ulv resolved to make ComSer be much more stable and less complex. After a complete rewrite of the code, and a stable site at Liga Liero's server, ComSer was again unleashed upon the Liero community.

ComSer begins to truly work...

ComSer came out with a new templating system, which mean webmasters could create their own custom ComSer template that would suit the size positon and colours of their website, making comser a seamless addition to any website. It was launched on 10/03/02 and quickly became a staplemark of Liero sites and was immensly usefull and popular.

More hardships

ComSer continued on for some time and was regulary updated with the latest news and polls. It was last updated on the 05/05/03 and a short while after that, the server was struck down and dissapeard. Liga Liero was offline, along with all other websites on the server. ComSer was one of these sites. ComSer was lost and backups of the code were deleted of Durandals computer at a later date. The Liero community was perceived to be in a slump and the interests of ulv and Durandal waned.

Hope once more!

ComSer Returns! Fast forward many months, to the new year 2004. The Liero community had returned at the forums at The Gaming Universe and liero websites were popping up all over again. Via a thread on the new forum, ComSer was mentioned and Durandal began to think about its revival. Unfortunatly, due to the lack of source code from the old working version, the idea again, was almost thrown out the window.

This time, however, the admin of the Liga Liero server, Greybrow, came to our aid with a backup of the Terror Sabbath site before the server went down. He and Patrys also generously offered space on the Liga Liero server once more, and ComSer was reborn. After a few days of bugfixing and pouring over the code, Durandal restored ComSer to its former glory with all new features: RSS news feed, news submission feature, reworked site.. The list is planned to expand to other areas in the near future. Also, to keep the Liero history in our memory, the old Terror Sabbath "The Liero Poll" polls were added to the poll archive.

This is ComSer's history, up to date as of March 2004. ComSer will continue to be developed and who knows what the future holds for it and the Liero community? Hopefully, in time, there will be another chapter to add to this section of the site.


During 2004 ComSer was kindly hosted on the Liga Liero server which was a selfprovided machine running in the server room at Patrys company in Poland. However, around early summer the server kept going down once in a while and eventually, one night it just shut down. Reason: something overheated. Patrys restarted it the day after and it ran a few days. This time however, the harddrive fried and all data was completely lost. ComSer didnt get back online again until after the summer and was not overly enthusiastic. The new host was slow and unreliable. The server problems have dominated ComSer during 2004. ComSer 2

On the good side though, ComSer was finally remade by Gliptic and now runs on PHP instead of Perl. The best part of this is that it now communicates with the ComSer Forum, fetching news items from it. The poll is still run from an admin page though.

Apart from this, not much to mention. Things have been lost, things have been remade.


After the unfortunate events of 2004, ComSer has re-grown and bigger than it was before. In 2005, ComSer started offering new services such as the Liero Wiki and also the Gusanos gets its news from its own subforum on the ComSer forums. Even though the Liero community is quite small compared to when ComSer was started, ComSer is more active than ever.

The LieroX community has adopted ComSer. With the ComSer poll being on popular LieroX sites such as the Liero Xtreme official homepage and the ComSer polls get atleast about 100 votes in a few days.


In September 2005, it was decided that the ComSer site should get a slight facelift and upgrade to fit modern standards. Jonny Sully redesigned the site to be XHTML 1.1 compliant, frameless and CSS dependant. The old site can be seen in the picture below.
Old ComSer Site