ComSer Swirl

Add ComSer Poll

Adding ComSer to your site is as easy as copy and paste a small snippet of code into your website!

Step 1. Choose Template

You may use the default template (Liero Hell Hole's template) or create your own design of it by downloading and editing this file (Liero Hell Hole's template). The ComSer templates can be controlled using for example CSS. The input coming from ComSer is represented by the tags inside exclamationmarks !example! . Please dont hide the fact that ComSer provides the poll and news.

If you want any special ComSer graphics or help with the design of the template, contact an admin. When sending it back us, name it with your sites name or similar and we will assign a number which we will inform you of so that you can apply the template to your ComSer.

Step 2. Get the Code!

Below is the default code for ComSer. Simply replace the number of the template you choose/made in the following code!

Step 3. Modify values!

To modify how comser will interact with your template, modify the numbers in the code. "viewbars 0" for no bars showing, 1 for bars represeting number of votes. "newsitems" The number of newsitems to show in the comser news list, default is 3. The news are fetched by ComSer from the ComSer Forum news section.